Police Benevolent & Protective Association Unit Six
Retiree Healthcare Funding Plan

How does this plan work?
During your working career, the City of Rockford will be depositing funds into the Retiree Healthcare Funding Plan (RHFP). The investments are controlled by the Police Benevolent & Protective Association Unit Six (PB&PA#6) under advisement by the PB&PA#6 Retiree Healthcare Funding Committee.

At your retirement, these funds are to be used to fund your medical needs including premiums, out of pocket and non-covered expenses, dental vision and anything permissible under the Internal Revenue Code up to the amount declared to be credited to your benefit account. This amount is declared annual for all who retire in that year. The 2011 amount is $12,000.00.

This is done on a reimbursement basis and all funds are received tax free.

How are the contributions calculated?
Contributions are set by a vote of the membership as recommended by the PB&PA#6 Retiree Healthcare Funding Committee and the PB&PA#6 Board.

How do I enroll?
The plan is universal for all covered by the bargaining unit. The City of Rockford will automatically enroll you.

 What happens when I retire?
The PB&PA#6 will notify the Claims Administrator - Group Benefit Associates (GBA) of your retirement and eligibility for access to the funds.

  • You will receive a written notification and introductory kit from GBA.
  • Claim forms are filed with GBA and may be submitted (along with supporting proof of expense) to GBA via, mail, faxed or imaged and emailed.
  • Reimbursement may be made by check or by Electronic Funds Transfer at your discretion.

Who may use these funds?
Per the Internal Revenue Code these funds may only be used for covered medical expenses by you and your tax dependents. Only those claimed on your federal income tax return as a dependent qualify.

What happens to the funds in the event of my death?
Per IRS regulations the funds are available to anyone who is a dependent on your final tax return. In the event you have no surviving dependents the balance remaining your benefit account is forfeited.